It's everything


Your ‘environment‘ is the air, water, minerals, organisms (animals, insects and plants), and the man-made things that interact with YOU, and with each other.

At Newbury School our school-wide EnviroVision is “Creating Environmental Leaders committed to preserving and improving our environment for future generations.

We have made it our mission to establish an environmentally-aware school culture that influences all aspects of school life, by developing an effective, integrated and sustainable EnviroEducation Program led by the students.

Our vision is realised through:

  • A highly motivated and student lead Enviro Team.
  • Whole school involvement in school wide and community environmental projects.
  • Student driven class projects to make our school more environmentally aware and adopt sustainable practices.
  • School resources to support environmental education e.g. propagation unit, veggie gardens, native bush areas.
  • Commitment to sustainable practices within our school e.g. zero-waste, recycling.

For more information about the Enviroschools, head over to the