What might having

DRIVE looks like?

What does having DRIVE look like at Newbury School?

Determined and Confident

Willing to put up hands and give things a go

Showing perseverance and persistence – keep going when things are hard, being positive, trying again when you get things ‘wrong’, making things your best effort

Being resilient – being positive, not letting setbacks get you down, knowing setbacks are only temporary

Sharing ideas in group work

Having a growth mindset

Willingness to put themselves in the learning pit

Taking risks – try something new, having a go

Willingness to take on leadership roles- in groups, in class


Using manners

Showing kindness to others

Empathy – put yourself in others’ shoes, think about others’ feelings

Inclusive of others – letting others join in, looking out for others who are on their own

Listening to each others’ ideas


Respect for school values

Respecting different cultures and opinions

Respect for our environment

Inspired Leaders

Willingness to take on leadership roles – in groups, in class, across school

Growth mindset- leading own learning

Mentoring others

Everyone can be a leader

Open definition of leadership

Digital citizenship – showing leadership by doing the right thing

Role model in and out of the classroom

Enthusiasm, passion and drive!

Visionary – innovative and creative

Thinking outside the box

Trying new ways of doing things

Taking risks

Trial and error

Anything is possible – moonshot thinking

Openness to ideas of others

Research, discovery, learning from own mistakes and history

Sharing ideas with others – collaboration and being inspired by others

Empowered and Agentic

Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do

Student voice and choice

In charge of own learning – planning, making decisions, organising self

Setting own goals

Reflecting on goals, progress and decisions

Making choices around learning spaces – Where do I learn best?

Where can I access resources to help with my learning?

Knowing self as a learner- learning style, strengths and weaknesses

Making choices around who I work with