Policy & Guidelines

Newbury School are now using SchoolDocs to store and update the school’s policies and guidelines. You have the ability to give feedback on the school’s policies and guidelines, which are regularly reviewed, at www.schooldocs.co.nz

To access the site, you will need to:

1. Search for Newbury School

2. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list

3. Enter the community username ‘newbury’ and password ‘drive‘.

Hard copies of all policies and guidelines can be made available for viewing in the school office.

NAG 1Curriculum DeliveryNewbury Standards - Curriculum Levels and Expectations Overview
School Badge
NAG 2Self ReviewReporting to Parents
NAG 3PersonnelConcerns
AppointmentsTeaching Staff Appraisal Procedure
Conflict of InterestsApplication/Renewal of Practicing Certificate Procedure
NAG 4Finance and PropertyCredit Card
DRAFT Asset ManagementFinancial Management
Fundraising & Sponsorship
Fundraising & Sponsorship Application Form
Parent Group
NAG 5Health and SafetyInjury, Incident and Illness Management and Reporting
Health and Safety at WorkRisk Management
Promoting Positive BehaviourBehaviour Management
Clothing PolicyHazard Register
DRAFT Digital Citizenship
Emergency Management
Emergency Management - Summary
Traumatic Incident
Visitors to School
Child Protection
Caring For Animals
NAG 6, 7 & 8LegislationYear Group Classification
Student Attendance
Enrolment Scheme
Equal Employment Opportunity
GovernanceDisciplinary Process in Relation to the Principal
Principal Performance Appraisal
Principal Professional Expenses
Reporting to the Board
Responsibilities of the Principal
Schedule of Delegations
Trustees' Code of Behaviour
Board Roles and Responsibilities
Relationship Between the Board and the Principal
Chairperson's Role
Staff Trustee Role
Relationship between the Chairperson and Principal
Meeting ProcessPublic Attending Board Meetings
Meeting Procedure