Newbies to Newbury

Providing a smooth transition to school for your child!


Newbies to Newbury is a programme offered to all future five year-olds and their parents, who are enrolled to start at Newbury School.  Newbies to Newbury will give you and your child an informative, hands-on, fun-filled introduction to Newbury School, to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

Newbies to Newbury will give you both an opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with school routines
  • Take part in educational activities and learning
  • Become familiar with the school grounds and the classroom setting
  • Meet other future five year-olds and their families
  • Build relationships with the teachers

The newbies to Newbury Programme

The Newbies to Newbury Programme consists of a range of activities and experiences designed to give you and your child an idea of what to expect when they begin school and also prepare them for the learning that takes place in a new entrant classroom.

What you need to know…

  • Where? – Room 1
  • When? – Thursday afternoons 2.15 – 3:00pm
  • Teacher? – Miss Jo Wishnowsky – Deputy Principal, Blake Team Leader, New Entrant Teacher
  • How long before children can start? – Children are able to be involved in the programme for up to a term (10 weeks) before they are to start school.  You will be sent a letter a few weeks before your child will be due to start Newbies to Newbury, please fill in the form at the bottom and return it to school to confirm your child’s enrolment in the programme.
  • Adult Involvement? – All Children must be accompanied by an adult (preferably a parent).
  • Other pre-schoolers? – It is preferred that other pre-schoolers do not attend, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Do I have to attend every session? – We feel that maximum benefits will be gained by regular attendance over the weeks (unless they are sick) though attendance is not compulsory.